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The Shining Pinball 1.0.1

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The Shining Pinball
(A Marcade MOD of JPSalas "The Sorcerer 1.0" table by Williams 1985)

I produced this table as an homage to Stanley Kubrick's classic horror film The Shining.
All gameplay is based off "The Sorcerer" by Williams with only some name adjustments. 
All art and design was produced by me.
The original table scripting and production was by JPSalas who honored all the other devs that worked on earlier iterations of the same table - so I will extend my thanks to them as well!

As always - many thanks to the community here for all the great Pinball tables. 
I hope people enjoy playing this table and get a kick out of the VFX surprises I put in place as you play.

****This table relies on the ROM file from Sorcerer to run.
****This table requires External Music files to run. Look to the Media Pack link listed on this page. Music needs to be placed in the VP Music folder- NOT in its own folder.

I've set the table to have DMD on the background by default. As with all my tables I have a single screen setup on my personal machine and produce the design with the score playing in the apron. If you have the same or similar setu and want the score on the Apron - select the Apron in the editor and change the image file to "plastics.png" (instead of "shining_plastics_NoDMD.png).

Then you'll need to go into the Blackglass view and select all the individual reel images/DMD and move them into the correct position over the apron. This may take a few back and forth moving, then testing by playing before you position them properly.
I don't have any wheel or backglass assets produced for this table but I'm sure someone in the forums will produce some to use. 


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