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CoinOps JukeBox (Unloaded) PC CoinOps based Jukebox from C/O Devs 1.0.0

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About This File

This is an unloaded build, meaning there are no songs, albums or videos but you can EASILY add your own , heres the directory structure:-

JukeBOX\collections\ _JukeBOX\menu.txt – Holds the list of collections
JukeBOX\collections\ _JukeBOX\collectionName.jpg|png – Cover for the collection
JukeBOX\collections\ – This holds the folders of the collections
JukeBOX\collections\collectionName\Songs\SongName.mp3|flac|avi|mp4|mkv|wav – This holds the Songs/Videos

Note “JukeBOX\collections\ _JukeBOX_Template” should be copied into collections and renamed to create a folder for a collection

Note “JukeBOX\collections\collectionName\Songs\SongName.png” – can be for art of the song title, or a blank png so the text doesnt show on a single video

How to add your own mp3’s (or videos) to the Coinops Jukebox:
First, go to Jukebox/collections – here you make a directory for your music/video, like “Rick Astley”

Then you go to Jukebox/collections/_Template – there you copy the contents of that folder to your newly created “Rick Astley” folder.

Now it’s time to create, or re-use a picture for your music, it should be 1120 pixels wide, 1080 high.

Name it the same as the music folder, “Rick Astley.jpg”.

Move the picture to jukebox/collections/_JukeBOX

Move your music/video to your “Rick Astley” directory. (in Jukebox/Collections/Rick Astley

Add the text “Rick Astley” to menu.txt in Jukebox/Collections/_JukeBOX

DONE! Start it up and try it.


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