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Strikes N' Spares (Gottlieb 1995) 1.0.0

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Here's a VPX conversion of Gottlieb's Strikes N' Spares table from 1995. (Not to be confused with Bally's "Strikes and Spares" from 1978).
I saw a picture of a real table online and thought it looked cool. When I tried to find a VPX version online, I hit a dead end. There appears to have been one at some point, but it was probably lost in the VPinball shutdown. However, I did find mfuegemann's VP9 version, so I decided to try converting that to VPX.
So, huge thanks to mfuegemann and zany for their work on the VP9 version and mfuegemann's permission to post my conversion. There's no way I could've made this table without their prior work - especially zany's 3D models and mfuegemann's playfield redraw.
Like most VPX tables, I haven't had the chance to play a real version of the table, so hopefully I got the game working correctly. I'm sure it could also look even better if someone improved my lighting, etc.
In addition to the table, I've included a Tarcisio style wheel in the download. The backglass and the non-Tarcisio style wheel are available for download elsewhere on the site.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy!
The real table apparently had 2 DMD screens. Visual Pinball will attempt to display both screens' information on one screen unless you do the following:
1) Run table
2) While it's running, hit F1 to make a menu pop up
3) Make sure the "Show DMD/Display window" box is CHECKED and that the "Use external DMD (dll)" box is UNCHECKED. (I also suggest checking the "Double Display Size" box)
4) Click "Ok"
5) Quit to Editor
6) Start the table and then you should be able to move the display to the backglass, or wherever you want it. You might need to right-click the backglass and disable "bring to front" if the DMD keeps being hidden behind it.


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