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Whirlwind 4K 1.1

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About This File

Full rebuild of WhirlWind, all prerendered for 4K resolution and VR.
warning: some flashing lights sequences may affect photosensitive viewers
Base version VP9 of Herweh used and some bits and pieces from Walamab's Whirlwind for VPX
Flupper: 3d models, 3d inserts, new flipper bats, photoshop work, rendering, lighting, all scripting related to visuals (except VR)
Rothbauerw: all the physics coding and objects
Fleep: sound engineering, sound scripting
Clark Kent: scanned playfield
Blackmoor: owns actual machine, sound recordings, scanned plastics, reference images, reference videos for the lighting, testing
Cosmic80 for cleaning plastics textures for previous vp9 version
Wrd1972: reference photos for ramps placement
Leojreimroc: scoring displays and backglass lighting in VR
Rawd & 3rdaxis: VR room, cabinet, backbox, topper and VR script added
VPW: testing the prerelease beta
For best performance use these settings:
- use 10.6.2 or later
- no brute-force 4x SSAA (is not necessary), but quality SMAA
- exclusive full screen with 1 for FPS limiter and 1 for maximum prerendered frames
- Ambient occlusion, ball trails, screen space reflections all off
Other remarks:
- the magnasave buttons change the LUT, see script options
- it is advised to keep the POV settings as they are in the download for the full screen mode; all textures have been prerendered for this POV
- don't use day/night slider (leave on table default), it does not do much, use LUT to change contrast/brightness

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


  • - Fleep: Reworked flipper coil logic to have more dynamic loudness and added new dampened flipper up sounds that engaged if there are nearby ball(s)
  • - Fleep: Added PlayfieldRollVolumeDial and RamopsRollVolumeDial to allow playfield and ramps rolling sound volume in global sound options
  • - Fleep: Left and Right orbit lanes ball roll sound volume readjusted
  • - Fleep: Left and Right Cellars enter sound loudness is now dynamic and depend on ball velocity
  • - Fleep: Readjusted ramp lifter/down coils loudness
  • - Fleep: 1 Bank and 3 Bank Drop Target coil release samples reprocessed
  • - Fleep: Added additional sounds for Inner Lane Ball Guide Hits and readjust loudness
  • - Fleep: Plastic Ramps rolling and enter loudness calibration
  • - Fleep: AC Solenoid loudness readjusted
  • - Fleep: Other minor sound script changes
  • - Fleep: Reprocessed and repositioned locking kicker sounds
  • - Fleep: Reprocessed plunger pull sound to correlate with the actual plunger speed
  • - Fleep: Plunger pull sound now stops when plugner released
  • - leojreimroc: new VR backglass, thanks to new image provided by Sheltemke
  • - Rothbauerw: Adjusted plunger release speed to 86, it does make it around the loop occasionally.
  • - Rothbauerw: Adjusted Wall001 to feed the loop more smoothly on plunge
  • - Rothbauerw: Check to see if all three balls are in trough before running credits. Resets if all three balls are not in trough.
  • - Rothbauerw: Reset credits when SolRelease is fired or ball is drained
  • - Rothbauerw: Staged flippers added with a script option
  • - Rothbauerw: added ramp ceiling on upper ramp to prevent ball loss
  • - Rawd fixed a misalignment of the VR walls
  • - Flupper: doubled droptarget drop and release speed, in sync with the sounds
  • - Flupper: Fixed missing screws
  • - Flupper: Fixed depth bias issues in the bottom right flasher dome
  • - Flupper: Fixed colored dots on the bumper tops in VR
  • - Flupper: Screen space reflect set default to off for better performance (in table options)
  • - Flupper: new LUT text display, which is also visible in VR
  • - Flupper: easter egg added, rolling text starts after 30 seconds without a key press
  • - Flupper: Fixed 2 mixed up backglass lights (500k and quick multiball) in VR
  • - Flupper: Better suggested VR settings in the second settings screenshot
  • - Flupper: added "making off" PDF, which is essentially the same as the WIP thread on VPForums

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