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PinCabView WFS (for Wildfire Studios old pinball games) 2.0 1.0.0

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About This File

PinCabViewWFS 2.0 by Aubrel (for old Wildfire Studios pinball PC games)


This patch is free and should remain free.
Not for commercial uses!!


I'm happy to release this patch! It will transforme and improve Wildfire Studios pinball PC games and will make them alive again in your virtual pinball cabinet.
The main goal is to get a pincab view with exported DMD and backglass for Wildfire Studios pinball PC games.
A "PinCabKeys" option is available in PinCabViewWFS.ini to get full support with standard VPX keyboard keys (used by default)
DMD's position, size and some shader's options can be set in PinCabViewWFS.ini
This pack doesn't contain any file of these games and will not modify them at all.


The pack contains :
- PinCabViewWFS Launcher by Aubrel
- PinCabView 1.0a ReShade's shader by Aubrel and Ducon2016 (ArcCabView 1.0a with PINBALL options activated)
- ArcCabView Custom ReShade 4.9.1 dll by Ducon2016 and Aubrel (ReShadeMod32.dll)
- dgVoodoo2 2.76.1 dll (ddraw.dll)


Supported games :
- Austin Powers Pinball
- Balls of Steel
- Devil's Island Pinball
- Dirt Track Racing Pinball
- Kiss Pinball
- Ultimate Gold Pinball


How to use :
- Install your game and update it with the last official patch.
- Extract PinCabViewWFS in your game directory
- If needed set PinCabViewWFS.ini "ArcCabView", "PinCabView" and "PinCabView_ADV" as you want.
- Run the PinCabViewWFS_Launcher.exe to launch your game
Optionnal : you can send the table name as command to launch it directly, the difficulty level can be sent too as a second parameter (0-3)
- That's all, it should work :)


Examples with Balls of Steel :
"C:\My Balls of Steel Folder\PinCabViewWFS_Launcher.exe"
Will launch "Ball of Steel"
"C:\My Balls of Steel Folder\PinCabViewWFS_Launcher.exe" duke
Will launch directly "Duke Nukem" table with your last difficulty set (the name given should match table's file name, most often ".ddp" file)
"C:\My Balls of Steel Folder\PinCabViewWFS_Launcher.exe" barbarin 1
Will launch directly "Barbarian" table in "Regular" mode


PinCabKeys :
- "1" (repeat quickly) => 1-4 (add players)
- "2" => Esc
- "5" => F11 (add players in most games)
- "Enter" => Plunger
- "Shift"s => Flippers
- "z", "Space", "/" => Nudges


Side notes :
- To use different keys, disable "PinCabKeys" in PinCabViewWFS.ini and set them as you want in the game menu.
- The Windows DPI-Scale setting for high resolutions should be the same for all your screens.
- In most cases you won't be able to use Reshade's UI ("home" key ingame) because unfortunately the mouse is locked ingame...
- A desktop mode and a few shader's options are available and can be set directly in PinCabViewWFS.ini
- InGame Ratio is set and locked to 9:16 if you want to get the game displayed in full size on your screen, you can use Full_Stretch option in PinCabViewWFS.ini
- You can run the game with your screen set in Landscape or Portrait mode, the result should be the very same.
- Some launcher settings won't be applied if the game is run as administrator (or if your account is set as "super administrator" on W7).
In this case you will have to set yourself the game in "single screen" (scrolling off) and the DMD size ingame using F10 key. It will be saved for next time.
(difficulty level sent by command line won't work neither in this case...)


Changelog :

- Updated to work with official ArcCabView/PinCabView shader version 1.0a

- First Official Release



Thanks to Ducon2016 and Houb for the amazing "CRTGeomMOD" shader


ReShade home : https://reshade.me
dgVoodoo2 home : http://dege.freeweb.hu/


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