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  • Apparently members over at vpuniverse cant say something is cool or awesome or nice or have a one word answer. Look at how pathetic this twat owner of vpuniverse is on there discord. Telling somone a member of the community not to say or react to a comment with the words cool or awesome when he likes something. Omfg you are a pure fucking joke Daz from vpuniverse. Then above the comment below people or senior members are basically calling this guy a retard because he types one word. Alll you people over there or members need to see how toxic thse little pricks really are and here it is. This is all i need to show people how you treat your community Yeh $250 lifetime membership he must be making a killing off all those members and all those table uploaders i bett they dont see any of that money. Now whos making the profit. Don't waste your time selling drives and packs if you want to cash-in. Sell VIP access to free stuff for $250 a pop. You only need to suck-in 100 people for a cool 25 grand, with little effort on your part, other than bouncing up and down and pointing fingers a lot. Just my observation. Cheers :) Free software Free resources Free advertising Free ROM Free assistance Free membership Oh look over there at vpd, that guy's stealing free tables!! Free taking is fine for you, eh mate and charging $250.00 ? But free giving doesn't make the list. Shit No! Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Yup, that's the spirit.
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